Tuesday, August 01, 2006

An Ode to Trashy Food
A few moms and I revealed some of our favorite trashy foods tonight while at our children's friend's birthday party. I don't know if this conversation was inspired by the birthday cake and orange pop combo, but somehow we were inspired to share our inner most trashiest food secret indulgences. If you can think of more - please let us know. Trashy foods are great when you are PMSing, when you are royally hung over and your brain is in dire need of a little grease, when you need something forbidden, or needing a good hit of of seretonin. Trashy food should really not be in our homes; however, when it is, somehow it ends up calling us to the cupboard or fridge to have a taste, or two, then a whole bag or pot. There is no need to impress the masses with sophisticated eating all of the time. Sometimes we all need to let our inner food slut emerge without regret. Hopefully everyone has a little bit of trash within - it's what makes those who are lusty and fun....lusty and fun.
Trashy Food List:
1. Deep Fried Monte Cristo Sandwhich at The Blue Bayou Restauant @ Disneyland, California. I'll print a copycat recipe for this in a few minutes. (may envoke chest pains).
2. Ripple Potato Chips with French Onion Dip for lunch.
3. My Mom's Kraft Dinner Hash.
4. A Good Chicken Fried Steak
5. Hashbrown Casserole
6. Nachos with all of the creamy condiments
7. Hamburgers/hotdogs with piles of buttery onions
8. Canned Soup with a pile of crushed Premium Plus Crackers
9. French Fries topped with Pountine
10. Any doughy concoction fried and bathed in a vat of sugar and cinnamon
All recipes will be added this weekend.


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