Saturday, August 11, 2007

Greek French Fries

Can you imagine, reading a menu today at a golf course pub and coming upon something so divinely unique, trashy, and delicious? Though I completely fantasized about ordering this fantastic slop, I stuck to a green salad - not that I am skinny or anything - it's just that I only eat slop like this when I am pie eyed in the company of other pie eyeds.....When I'm sober, I only pretend I this stuff.

Take some already cooked French Fries, I'm thinking those delicious crispy fries from Costco would do. Then toss into an olive oiled medium heated frying pan with garlic. Toss around a bit, then add some green onions, slices black olives, keep tossing, then add some chopped tomatoes, feta cheese and cheddar. I'm thinking you could also add lots of delicious herbs if you like. Let the cheese melt a bit and throw onto a serving tray. Bon Appetite!