Monday, October 16, 2017

Merlot Sauce for Juicy steaks or Roast Beef

So my hubby and I just got back from a month long vacation in Europe.  It was spectacular to say the least!  In fact, in spending time overseas and fulfilling my life long dream, it was apparent that the longing for something I had deep within was easily fulfilled by the cultures, the ways of life and the joie de vivre over there.  One thing I noticed was that people CONVERSE with one another and I never saw anyone text at a table.  Also in Paris, there are no TVs in the bistros or restaurants, so yes, you must talk to the person you came to dinner with!  In addition to regular walking and counting our magnanimous steps that we got accustomed to as tourists, the other thing I couldn't wait to keep in my life and practice at home was the tradition of England's, Sunday Lunch.  So this past weekend we did just that!  We invited a small mix of family and friends together to partake in a simple and casual gathering.  We had the roast (I forgot to season it can you believe it!  I did however marinate it in some wine and will do that next time but for a whole day) and the Yorkshire puddings.  But what I loved the absolute most was the Merlot sauce for the beef instead of the traditional gravy.  Now I love my traditional gravy, but because I roasted veggies with big bad Bob, all the drippings seeped into the potatoes and carrots.  Last week we were in Las Vegas for a wedding and one night I ordered up a steak (well actually 2 nights) and it came with this gorgeous and divine Merlot Sauce.  I think you will LOVE it!  Serve with juicy steaks or roast beef and Yorkshire Puds if you like too!

1/2 bottle of red wine
1 bouillon cube of chicken for broth
3 cups of water

1/4 cup of flour
2 tbsp. of butter

Add the wine, water and bouillon cubes to a pot and let come to a light boil.  Turn down the heat and simmer for about an hour.  After about an hour I added a little more red wine and some extra water because mine was a few grains salty, but not too much.

Then when you've tasted your mixture, make a paste with flour and the liquid and add a little at a time to the pot to thicken up the sauce.  Whisk well and of course keep tasting and adjusting as needed.  This is sooo delicious.  Keep warm and pour over steak or roast.