Thursday, January 11, 2018

Salmon Wellington

This is too crazy easy and so delicious.  I told my son last night that a person could be the worst cook, but if they wrap something, even baloney and cheese in puff pastry, you will be a star!  This for my family of 4 plus left overs so I used a whole salmon fillet.  Of course, you can serve much smaller portions and do salmon wellingtons as individual servings.  Make sure you use fillets however and get the skin off!

1 1/2 packages of ready to roll-out puff pastry.
1 carton of fresh spinach
1 large packages of already sliced mushrooms
1 large onion
the juice of one lemon
3 chopped garlic cloves, or you can use garlic powder

Alright love, saute your spinach, onion, mushrooms and garlic in a nice butter or olive oiled pan.  When everything is nice and sauteed, take pan off the stove and put aside.

Roll out puff pastry long and wide enough to wrap our salmon fillet in it.  Put uncooked salmon in centre of your rolled out puff pastry and top the salmon with the sautéed veggies with squeezed lemon juice over top.  Now go and fold all the pastry around it and pinch any areas that look like juices could seep out and plunk onto a roasting pan that you've sprayed with a little Pam.  Whisk an egg in a dish and then brush the egg over the puff pastry and pop into the oven at 375 degrees or whatever the puff pastry package says to put the temp at.  When it's done, you will be too!  It is so flippin' delicious.  XO