Friday, January 06, 2017

Here's to 2017~Happy New Year!!

Well, it certainly is great to be back.  I've noticed over the last several years I've not posted all that much, though I've never stopped cooking!  I am however looking forward to posting some of my new and favourite recipes and to filling up 2017 with lots of delicious dishes here at Succulent Sage.  I've also set some goals around food as well....such as teaching my two boys how to cook lots of our favourite family recipes and having monthly Sunday dinners with friends and family.  So today, in addition to posting some new recipes, I'm going to start by posting my favourite things from 2016.  Shall we begin?

Favourite Cookbooks of 2016:  Dining at Delmonico's the story of America's oldest restaurant (had dinner here with my family in Manhattan December 2016), Buvette, the pleasure of good food by Jody Williams, Jamie Oliver's Christmas Cookbook (love the make ahead gravy recipe), Better on Toast by Jill Donenfeld (my fav is wine marinated mushrooms with Boursin on toast), Valerie Bertinelli's One Dish at a Time (her Sausage Balls are delicious), Ina Garten's Cooking for Jeffrey, Anthony Bourdain's Appetites and Tracy Pollan's, The Pollan Family Table (Amazing Paprika Shrimp recipe).

Favourite Food Magazines:  The British Magazines, Olive and Delicious, Food & Wine, Saveur, Cooking Light and Chatelaine!

Favourite Kitchen Things:  My Le Creuset soup pot, Cuisipro gravy fat separator, Veggetti a spiral vegetable cutter for low carb eating (so you pretend that zucchini noodles are like real pasta noodles!) and from The Pike Place Market in Seattle, another beautiful addition to my Polish Pottery collection, a gorgeous salad bowl.

Favourite New Recipes:  I will post!!!


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